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Last Week's Likes - Week in Halifax and Toronto

So this Last Week's Likes is late - and for good reason.

I did so many things last week that I enjoyed immensely, summing it all up was not easy. I most definitely missed out a number of things on this list but here is the edited version.

Beautiful Halifax Weather
I was lucky. While on vacation in Halifax, there was more than one day of brilliant weather. There was little rain, no snow (sad face inserted here) and ample sunshine. There was barely any clouds in the sky and this sunshine weather made for some crisp photographs.

Good weather also encourages you to get out of the house and go for a walk - which we did on numerous occasions.

Photo walks around Halifax
Due to the amazing weather, I was able to trot around Halifax with my camera and get some fun shots. Luckily I didn't have to worry about weather (snow or rain) damaging my pride and joy camera and take some fun shots both during the day and night.

I secretly wanted there to be a foggy day for some eerie shots - but no such luck. Maybe next time.

A public skating park

Long exposure of factories across the waterfront

Lattes, Chai Tea Lattes and Mojitos
I was spoiled. All week I was treated to delicious lattes made with Canadian milk (so much better than Barbadian milk). Home-made lattes, speciality lattes, afternoon chai tea lattes - all enjoyed bundled up in bed/on the sofa/in cozy coffee shops.

If we were not feeling like lattes - we poured ourselves something a little harder. We made mojitos with Bajan rum. Barbados prides itself on its rum. So refreshing!

Chilling in with a chai latte in Just Us cafe
Amazing lattes brewed here

Breakfast in Bed
I woke up one morning to breakfast in bed and it made me feel quite special. I was served a soy latte, french toast with real maple syrup, ham, and fruit salad. I was on cloud 9 for the remainder of the day.

My 2010 Vancouver Olympics Winter Mittens
In 2010, I had two of my best uni friends come and visit me in Barbados. One friend passed on a gift from her lovely mum — a pair of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics signature red mittens. When I received them, I wasn't sure when next I was going to use them.

Who would have thought that a mere 2 years later I would be whipping out these eye-catching mittens once again - and this time for actual warmth.

Wearing the gloves in 2010 - I was picking up my friends from the beach after work (hence the attire.... and WOAH!!! - my hair is long)
The gloves in Canada - 2012

Remote Control for my Canon60D
I bought a remote control for my camera. This might be a bit of a conceited purchase (to take pictures of myself) but I am so excited about it. I can get some photos of me and also to do some "photo-booth"-esque shots, as well as some long exposure shots.

I am very excited as you can see in the photos below.

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
I had one of my favourite meals in the quaint town of Lunenburg last week Wednesday. It was dinner at a little Italian place called Trattoria della Nonna and it was a double date (doubles dates are my new favourite thing).

Lunenburg is about an hour and a bit drive from Halifax.

The evening was perfect. We got to Lunenburg about an hour and a half before our reservation - which gave me lots of time to walk around the town and take photos of the quirky homes (very picturesque spot). Then we dined, fireside in the coziest little restaurant.

Both the ambiance and meal was superb.

I enjoyed:
Primi (appetizer) - Cappesante - seared scallops with pumpkin, celery root and parm risotto, cider and scallion butter sauce
Paste (pasta/main) - Ravioli - stuffed with squash, leeks and mascarpone, with lobster, roasted garlic and herb crema

I will forever day dream about this meal.

Passing through Toronto
On route back to Barbados I had a two night layover in Toronto which worked out brilliantly. I was able to see old friends (both from boarding school and university), family, and do a little shopping.

So glad I decided to do this mini trip.

Long exposure at the Bloor and Yonge intersection in Toronto
University friends - we are doing our signature Vogue pose
Back in 2008 - Vogue-ing
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